CONCERN has been raised over escalating anti-social behaviour in Braintree after a glass bottle was  thrown at BMX racers.

It is understood that one of a group of men on electric motorbikes launched a glass bottle onto the BMX race track from the neighbouring football pitches during a night race on Wednesday, June 14.

The bottle narrowly missed riders, a disabled gentleman and a group of children who were playing nearby.

Although no injuries were reported, the incident caused a delay in the racing activities.

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A member of the BMX club, who witnessed the incident, said: "This is just one in a diary of incidents involving youths and threatening behaviour to children and parents who use the track.

"There is a lack of policing in the area and drug dealing is occurring in broad daylight on a daily basis.

"We are seriously concerned for the safety of our riders and the activities we provide."

The community is seeking answers from the council regarding the growing anti-social behaviour problems on the estate, and how it plans to address the situation to maintain public safety.

Braintree Council says the incident is being investigated. 

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Councillor John Baugh said: "This is a deeply concerning incident and a worrying situation overall. It is thankful that no one was hurt. 

"The wider situation clearly needs to be addressed.

"Electric bikes and crime or anti-social behaviour appear to go hand in hand, from the many media reports nationally.

"I am grateful for Lynn's swift response and I believe we need to all work together in a co-ordinated response."