A CONCERNED resident claims they are struggling to take their elderly mother out of the house in her wheelchair due to the poor state of the pathway outside the home.

The resident, who asked to remain anonymous, regularly visits their 94-year-old mother in Bradford Street, Braintree.

The pair particularly like to head to the nearby park, however, the resident says this is becoming more difficult due to the state of the pavements down the road.

They said: “Usually we get out and about when the weather is a bit better.

“I take her up to the park during the summer and walk up Bradford Street.

“But all the way along the pavement are these cobbles, which obviously are driveways for different houses.

“When I walk her up these cobbles her wheelchair gets stuck often and it’s really bad.

Braintree and Witham Times: POOR PAVEMENT: A picture of one of the cobble sections in Bradford StreetPOOR PAVEMENT: A picture of one of the cobble sections in Bradford Street (Image: Google Maps)

“My mother even tripped over and broke her wrist many years ago.

“It's impossible to go along there. My mum's 94 now. So, to go over these is a bit of a shock to the system.

“I had forgotten about the issue as we hadn’t been up to the park through winter, but the other day saw a gentleman struggling.

“Genuinely if my mother could push herself, she wouldn’t make it 50 yards from our house.

“I just can’t understand how wheelchair access is not a priority. It is almost as if they are saying ‘you’re in a wheelchair - tough’.”

An Essex County Council spokesman said: “Historically a lot of roads and pavements were built using cobble stones.

“Bradford Street, Braintree, is in a conservation area set up by Braintree District Council, which means, wherever possible, we are required to maintain these historical features.

“If there are issues with the cobble stones that we are not aware of and they require resetting or being made safe then please tell us on our website and we will send an inspector out.”