A POLITICIAN has called for Essex to get its fair share of support from the Government.

Witham MP Priti Patel has called on the Government to invest in infrastructure and skills to support the 'levelling up' initiative in Essex.

Speaking during a debate in Parliament, Ms Patel also highlighted the need for the Government to work more effectively across different departments and ensure that Essex gets its fair share of support, recognising that some parts of the county suffer from deprivation.

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Ms Patel said: "Essex is the county of entrepreneurs and generates wealth and creates jobs for the benefit of the whole country.

"However, our successes can sometimes mask some communities' real challenges.

"We have pockets of deprivation in our towns, villages and coastal areas, and the Government must invest levelling up funds in our county.

"Funding to upgrade and improve infrastructure will support more job creation and investing in skills, training and apprenticeship will create new opportunities and foster more aspiration among those who are struggling and feel left behind."