AN author has captured the key events of a popular Coggeshall venue covering its first 50 years as a charity.

Author Richard Tattersall has written the book on Markshall Estate's charitable trust over its first 50 years in a new book called The Charity at 50.

The trust was established in 1971 to keep the vision of the estate’s last owner - Thomas Phillips Price - alive.

Mr Tattersall said: “Having been associated with Markshall since the late 1970s, I felt very strongly that the 50th anniversary of the establishment of the charity was an opportunity to remember something of the work undertaken in the past 50 years.

“It is also a time to recall the individual trustees and staff, sometimes all too easily forgotten, yet without whose dedication and commitment much of what you see today at Markshall would simply not have been achieved.”

The new book tells the story of how the popular attraction and wedding venue became what it is today.

It also gives the history of the estate, reflecting on key events such as the demolition of the mansion house and the establishment of the charity, as well as looking towards the future for the estate.

Mr Tattersall said: “I was extremely fortunate to have been closely involved with much of the work in the 1980s and 1990s when so many exciting projects were undertaken, and the eventual shape and the direction of the charity’s work began to come together.

“I very much hope the history will be widely read and enjoyed by many of our visitors and especially those who return again and again to enjoy this special place, and who will now have the opportunity to understand how Markshall has slowly evolved over the past 50 years.”

Interim chair of the board of trustees Meriel Barclay said: “We are delighted that Richard has written this book.

“He has known Markshall for several decades and has been part of much of its development since Markshall became a charity in 1971, so there is no one more qualified to write a book on our history.

“To have this history of such an important estate in the area now in the form of a book, is very special.”

The book can be purchased from the admissions point at Markshall Estate, with profits being returned to the charity.