Witham Running Club had a busy Easter weekend, with 17 of their athletes making their mark in events across the country.

At the Writtle 5 Mile, Jamie Davidson led six Witham runners, clocking a personal best of 31.32 hours.

Daniel Griffiths and Sam Hajder followed closely, recording times of 32.24 and 32.39 respectively.



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Paul English and Joshua Maleary also scored personal bests, completing the run in 34.16 and 35.04.

Beth Shippey rounded off the group's efforts with a time of 55.42.

Running in the four-day Essex Trail Events Easter Extravaganza, Terry Alabaster finished fourth on both the first day five miler (42.46) and the second day ten miler (96.22).

Ross Silverton ran the shorter five miler in 99.01.

Clarice Sanderson and Andy White finished together (63.58), as did club veterans Silverton and Colin Short (77.11).

On the fourth day's events, Alabaster achieved a top ten placement, finishing 10th in the six miler, securing a fourth place finish overall.

Adam Regan and Liz Prior completed the run together (54.29).

Dawn Shilling ran the Kew Gardens Half Marathon, finishing in 2.08.13, while Silverton added another run to his weekend tally, completing the Basildon 10k in 61.18.