Two young up-and-coming boxing prospects from Braintree represented the club in competitive bouts at a recent event.

Held at the Gateway Boxing Club on Saturday, April 6, Tim Musaka and Kevin Calado, of Braintree Boxing Club, took to the ring to display the fruits of their six months of intensive training.

Musaka produced an impressive performance against N. Mirzakhel of Triple A Boxing Club.



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Musaka, known for his rapid starts, launched into a series of sharp jabs and direct right-hand contacts that compelled Mirzakhel onto the defensive.

The tactical onslaught continued into the second round, with Musaka maintaining dominance with his robust jab.

An overwhelmingly assertive third round saw Musaka adopting angles and countering techniques to land strong shots with his right, causing the referee to issue two eight counts.

Musaka was unanimously awarded the points win at the end of the bout after a dominant performance.

Meanwhile, Calado clashed with Freddie Butcher from the host club, Gateway Boxing Club.

Despite Butcher's persistent close-quarter tactics denying him the use of his jab, Calado sought out opportunities to connect with interior hooks.

The tightly-fought match resulted in a points win for Butcher.

Nevertheless, Calado obtained valuable ring experience in the process.