GLEN Driver is a great believer in keeping things simple when giving advice to players in the changing room and the new Braintree Town manager says he will stick to that principle now he has taken the helm as Iron boss.

Driver was appointed as successor to Danny Searle last week and was quick to announce that he would be linking up once again with Tony Kinsella as his number two after the duo saw plenty of success at their previous club, Leiston FC.

They led the Suffolk club to their highest-ever finish - fifth place in the Bostik League premier division - in their second season in charge and also to a debut Suffolk Premier Cup title and Driver is confident that their combination will work again at Braintree.

He said: “Tony has come in with me.

“Our usual remit is that I’m the manager and Tony comes in as assistant and head coach.

“That is the way we run it.

“I pick the side and he gives me his input, but it’s great to have him beside me and we work very closely on a day-to-day basis.

“We are always on the phone talking about players, systems and training sessions and the one thing he will bring here is the same philosophy as me.

“We will get the ball down and we will play and he will coach us to how I want us to play.

“So we’ll both be hands on."

Driver is pleased to have someone who he regards so highly on board, however, the new Iron boss won't be overloading his coaching team much further and insists that giving advice to players is best if it is kept simple.

“We are also bringing in a head scout who will look at players when I can’t get to games and we put our trust in him," added Driver.

“There will be one or two other additions, but you will be able to count the staff on one hand.

“I’m a firm believer that two voices are enough in a changing room.

“When you are giving players information and there are four or five coaches giving advice then they don’t know who to listen to.

“I will be our main voice and Tony will be a second voice but that will be the only ones in the changing room.

“We will work closely with our club captain and he will have an input with us as well, but you have a family on one hand and that’s what we will have.”