BETHANY Shriever is hoping people power can help carry her all the way to Japan next year as the former Braintree Bullets BMX Club ace looks to fly the flag for Great Britain at the Olympic Games in Tokyo.

She certainly has the talent to challenge for medals on the biggest stage, but the 19-year-old from Finchingfield needs funding if she is to turn dreams into reality.

Shriever, who was Junior World Champion two years ago and last year showed her full potential at senior level with a stunning Elite World Cup win in Zolder in Holland, is hoping that a crowdfunding campaign can help take her to Tokyo.

she has also been European champion, has been British champion for the last five years and has held the UK National crown for the last four years.

But to get enough points to qualify for the Great Britain team heading to Japan, Shriever needs to be competing in as many top level international competitions as she can over the next 12 months, which is going to cost a considerable sum.

And with British Cycling and UK Sport only funding male riders heading towards Tokyo after no British women qualified for the Rio Games in 2016, it is incredibly tough for Shriever to realise her dreams.

She needs to raise £50,000 to help with the costs associated with an Olympic campaign and is hoping public supporters will back her bid.

She said: "It is difficult this year, especially with it being the lead up to Tokyo, as I'm doing the most racing that I have ever done.

"And it's not just little weekend trips, these are big events that I'm having to go to and having to head out there a week in advance to make sure I'm properly prepared to face the best riders in the world.

"I have to prepare in the right way and I'm having to make sure my training is spot on at home as well with the facilities I need.

"It's a big ask but things have been going well so far and I've been really excited by the positive help I've had.

"I think people don't understand just how much something like getting to the Olympics to represent your country costs.

"We spent £40,000 last year and I'm having to do even more races this year so I've put up a figure of £50,000 this year and all the help I get will be so appreciated.

"I know I have the ability and qualities to get all the way to Tokyo and I'm prepared to work hard for it, but I need to get the points to be able to qualify and that's where the finance comes in.”

Shriever has set up an internet page where people can donate towards her bid at and she is now looking to continue some strong early-season form.

"I feel in a good place at the moment,” she added.

"The season is just starting now and I've already had some good results.

"I'm just looking to target as many events as I can to make sure I get the points that I need towards Olympic qualification.

"I'm confident I can get those points I need if I can get to the competitions.

"It's just about keep putting points on the board and staying consistent through the qualification period.

"That's why I'm doing so many races as I can't afford to miss out on any.

"I need as many good results as I can get.

"I believe I can do well if I can get there to Tokyo and I'm definitely looking for a medal.

"I know it would be my first Olympics and it would be one where I'd be building my experience, but BMX is a sport where anything can happen on the day.

"I go into every race with an open mind and I know that coming back with a medal would help raise the profile of not only my own but all women's sports.”