CHAIRMAN Lee Harding feels changes may be required in Braintree Town's boardroom at the end of this season.

It has been a tough one on the pitch for the Iron that has left Vanarama National League relegation looking pretty certain as they have struggled to consistently match some big-spending clubs in non-league football's top flight.

That could well lead to a change in the level the club are playing at next year and Harding also feels the time may be right to alter things around the boardroom table.

He is concerned that more and more duties have been falling on his own shoulders over the last couple of years and thinks reordering roles may help the club to move forward.

With him leading plans to relocate the Iron to a new home and that situation set to gather pace over the next few years, Harding said it may be time for him to step down as chairman and take another role in the boardroom.

He said: “I think we need to have a long hard look at who is doing what around the boardroom table.

“There has been a tendency for people to step back over the last couple of years allowing me to do more and more.

“I’m a get-on-with-it type of person but the amount I’m finding myself doing now means it’s a full-time job financially managing the club, dealing with relocation and development matters for the club as well as dealing with all footballing matters.

“Most clubs our size have a chief executive and others doing those roles that I’m doing now.

“I find myself doing 50 to 60 hours of football club matters as well as trying to run my own business.

“It’s very time consuming and I just feel it needs to change a bit."