HAVING played learned from the likes of England striker Teddy Sheringham in his career, Jamie Guy knows the importance of young players using the experience of their more-seasoned team-mates.

And the former Colchester United forward is now looking to utilise his own expertise to help the up and coming youngsters of Braintree Town Reserves.

The 31-year-old, who was also a fans' favourite during a spell with Braintree Town before suffering a horrific double leg break in 2011, has linked back up with his old club and made his Young Irons debut at Brightlingsea Regent Reserves on Saturday.

Having spent time with a number of clubs over the last few years, Guy said he was primarily looking to build his fitness levels, but was keen to help Braintree's young players if they were willing to learn from an experienced striker.

He said: “I try and help everyone as much as I can and if players are willing to take things on board then I will be there to help them.

“I came up through Colchester United’s youth system and I was surrounded by people with so much experience so I know what it’s like.

“I played alongside Teddy Sheringham and everyone there was nothing but a help to me.

“So I’m more than happy to help young players here.

“Even when I came to Braintree as a first-team player, I was an experienced player then, but there were people like Brad Quinton and Mark Jones there then and we passed on that experience.

“People who are older can help the younger players because you never stop learning.

“If they need anything, I’m right there for them."

An 8-0 defeat at Brightlingsea wasn't the result Guy or his team-mates wanted in his first Braintree Reserves game, but he is happy to be back at a club that he holds in high regard.

He added: “Dave (Childs - Braintree's joint manager) called me over Christmas to see if I wanted to start playing again and that fitted in with what I wanted as I just want to get minutes in really.

“It was a tough first game to play in at Brightlingsea but we are a young side and sometimes those things happen.

“I wasn’t really sure what team I was coming into before and the game at Brightlingsea was the first time that I’d met any of them as I hadn’t had a chance to join them with training or anything.

“I’d seen the league table, though, so I knew where they were and I knew it was going to be a young team because it’s all about development of players.

“I’ve been playing here and there over the last year and I was at Stanway (Rovers) at the start of this year but I haven’t been playing consistently and I’m just looking to get myself fit at the moment.

“I want to be playing but I’m seeing how it goes to be honest.

“Braintree are a club that I know very well and who I regard very highly.

“They have great fans and I can’t speak highly enough of the board; they were so good to me when I broke my leg playing for them and they were there for me through thick and thin.

“I hold Braintree in such high regard and it’s nice to be playing again for them.

“I’m just seeing how it goes at the moment and I’m just playing rather than looking to get into coaching at the moment but I don’t know.

“I’ll always want to be involved in football in some capacity so we’ll have to see.

“I’m taking it week by week and I’ll see what the club want.

“My number one priority is to get myself fit at the moment."