Stating that the job comes with a £40,000 salary has had a big impact in the calibre of early applications coming in for the Braintree Town manager's job, according to Iron chairman Lee Harding.

The club are looking for a new first-team boss following the departure of Brad Quinton last weekend and an advert that has been placed for the position has revealed the salary that the new manager will be paid.

Harding said it was the first time that the club had revealed such details in such a way and he was pleasantly surprised by the effect that it had had.

"The applications are flowing in now," he said.

"Some are weird and wonderful, but some are very high quality and we're getting them come in from all over the world - I've had them from South America, South Africa, North America and Asia as well as from all over this country.

"I think one thing that we've seen this time, though, is a change in the calibre because we've included in the advert the £40,000 salary that comes with the job.

"In the past, I think people may have thought of Braintree Town as a tuppenny ha'penny place but this says it loud and clear that we're not and we are an attractive proposition for people from the Football League and National League levels.

"Forty thousand is the going rate and it's good people know that.

"On the back of that, we have had some very good people who have applied and I'm confident that we won't be found wanting in that respect.

"Putting that money in the advert has substantially changed the CVs that we've been seeing coming in."

Harding said he wasn't approaching the selection process with a closed mind over the type of manager the club were looking for to replace Quinton.

So that could mean it is someone with experience at a higher level who comes in, someone who has managed at the National League level that Braintree are now at or someone who is coming up from a lower level in the same way that Danny Cowley did when he left Concord Rangers to take the job at Braintree.

Harding added: "As for what type of manager we're looking for - I honestly don't know for the first time since I have been at the club.

"We were all hoping Brad would get us out of trouble and this wouldn't be a position we were in, but we made the change and as a result we have nothing lined up at the moment.

"It is very much open and we're seeing who applies so I'm looking forward to the process.

"As for timing, I do feel that we have a bit of time and space to make an appointment.

"I don't see us doing anything before the FA Cup game at Barnet; it may be nice to have someone in place for the Dover game (on October 27) as that is potentially a very big game, but we do have a bit of breathing space."