THE Braintree Club were on Hill and Black at the Fennes for round three of the Huit Cup and it proved once again the importance of the draw in the tough conditions during the winter.

Once you make the right draw, you still have to catch the fish of course and that was exactly what Matt Gould did, landing three carp and four F1s to coast to victory with 38-12-0.

Bob Percival was on the next peg and managed four bream to take second place with 8-1-0.

The bad weather of the previous week led to the cancellation of the Friday match at Notley and the Sunday match at the Fennes.

However, three intrepid souls did switch to Notley on Sunday to break around three inches of ice.

They all caught and Jim Loosley just pipped Percival with 1-5-0 to 1-4-8.

Last Friday's Sweep produced more small fish and resulted in another tight finish.

Kevin Howell won this one with 4-10-0 and Loosley had 4-9-8.

On Sunday, the Braintree Club are at the Fennes as per club card, but are at Seabrooks, Great Leighs fishing against the Kelvedon DAA.

The following Saturday - March 24 - the Fennes Ash Ground Lake is the venue for the Cancer Charity Open.

Tickets and full details are available from Chris Howe on 07956 241479.