OUTSTANDING young swimmer Josh Parker has smashed not just one Braintree and Bocking Swimming Club record but four.

Some amazing swims meant the eight-year-old broke the existing records for the 25 metres, 50m, 100m and 200m freestyle.

The records were taken from various existing records holders with the 25m freestyle being held by F Rudge since 2010 in 16.35 seconds but Parker hit an amazing 16.20s.

The 50m freestyle had been held by A Pearson since 2000 at 26.57s, with Parker knocking a second off with a 35.57s swim.

The 100m freestyle had been a very long-standing record of one minute 23.29s and had been held since 1987 by K Allwork, but it was claimed by Parker with a swim of 1m 20.29s.

And he finally took the club's 200m freestyle best in an amazing time of 3m 3.61s from L Durban, who had swum it in 3m 8.34s in 2005.

Meanwhile, one of Braintree and Bocking's top swimmers in the 15/16 years age group, Charlie Boden, also recently claimed the 100m backstroke record with a swim of 59.87s.

Boden took it away from previous record holder A Breed, who had held it at 1m 0.59s since 2004.