LADIES' and men's teams from the Braintree Open Darts League found themselves doubling up as they battled for places in the Pairs Knockout finals in qualifying at Bocking Club.

A total of 34 men's and eight ladies' teams were competing for their chance to play at finals night on April 13.

After some very high scoring from all involved in both competitions the men's semi-finals came down to the last four.

Cressing B's Paul Baker and Aaron Holden were up against Cressing A's Rob Tinsley and Shane Smith with the second featuring Notley Sports' Ted Ullmer and Dave Islip against the Swiss Bell's Chris Holden and Dan Taylor.

The ladies' semis saw the Football Club's Lynn Kelly and Dawn Kennedy up against Cressing B's Lauren Smith and Cara Catley and the Swiss Bell's Jan Pearce and Rachel Farmer playing Notley Sports' Merle Morris and Jacqui Thurgood.

Although playing some excellent darts in the best of five game Cressing B's Baker and Holden couldn't match those thrown by their Cressing A opponents and with a 3-0 win, Tinsley and Smith had their final spot booked.

There was a closer contest in the second semi-final, though, with both teams winning two legs to take the tie to a decider.

With Holden and Taylor recording the win in that deciding leg, though, it was the Swiss pair who were through to the final.

In the ladies' competition, it was Cressing B's Smith and Catley who will be going through to the final after their win over Kelly and Kennedy.

Joining them will be the Swiss Bell duo of Pearce and Farmer following their win over Morris and Thurgood .