WITHAM Town first-team coach Curtis Whyte felt there was just one thing missing as they were beaten 1-0 in Bostik League division north by Ware.

Whyte said the game plan the coaching staff had set out for the players worked as they spent almost the entire game attacking the visitors’ goal and creating numerous scoring opportunities.

However, the one ingredient lacking was an end product and that allowed Ware to snatch a late winner in the 87th minute when Whyte felt the result should have been put to bed far before that.

He said: “We came in at half-time and talked about no making the game a battle where we had to open the pitch up and in the second half we got down both flanks and got crosses in.

“They are things we have been working on in the last two or three months so we can get in behind teams.

“As a game plan, it worked, but it was just the end product that we didn’t have.

“We played well and it was just the result that didn’t go our way.

“We have to be realistic and know that we are not going to win every game.

“We’d like to, but we won’t and we can put this one down to a bit of experience.

“We’ll work on things in training.

“The build-up play was all there and now we have to ask them, can they put it in the back of the net?”

Manager Adam Flint agreed with Whyte’s assessment of the game, but while he was also disappointed by the result, he was keen to focus on the performance as well.

Flint added: “There were positives to take from the game as I felt we played alright and we dominated it.

“We just didn’t get it over the line.

“We hit the woodwork and had one of them gone in, we probably would have gone on and got more.

“It wasn’t a bad day because we played alright, but the result just didn’t go for us as we didn’t take our chances.”