SWISS Bell were in dominant form as they claimed the match win against visiting Eagle B in the Braintree Open Darts League.

Deb Webb and Ann Farmer got Swiss Bell off to a good start with a win in the ladies and with the home team were on a roll as they chalked up a 2-1 win in the pairs, a win in the triples and took the three opening singles.

Richard Chandler halted the progress with a 2-0 win over Russ Farmer, but with Chris Holden recording a 2-1 win over Alex Chandler, the Swiss had the singles won as well.

After losing the ladies' game, the Retreat bounced back with a 3-0 pairs win and a win in the triples against Wethersfield Club, before Peter Hinkson and Dave Benfield increased the match lead with wins in the opening two singles.

Wins for Kevin Taylor and Barry Jeggo kept Wethersfield chasing the singles win, but successes for Andy Camp, Dave Saunders and Simon Twin gave that win to the Retreat.

With a draw in the ladies followed by a 2-1 win in the pairs, a draw in the triples and four opening singles wins,Notley Sports had the match and singles points secured in their match against visiting Braintree Football Club.

In division two, Wethersfield Raiders drew the ladies match against Welsh Princess but then went on to chalk up a 2-1 win in the pairs and a win in the triples.

Phil Hume and James Cropton extended the Raiders' match lead with wins in the opening two singles before the Welsh came back with wins for Charlie Little and Tom Walkinshaw, but with the final three games went to Wethersfield.

Horse and Groom's Kelly Willis and Jacque Ryder took ladies' honours at Bocking Club, however that was to be their team's last success.

Bocking claimed the pairs 2-1, the triples and all seven singles to wrap up the match points.

After Cressing B and the Angel shared ladies and triples honours, Cressing chalked up a 3-0 in the pairs to take the match advantage going into the singles.

Lloyd March had the Angel back in the frame with a 2-1 win over Paul Fletcher in the opener but with the next four games going Cressing's way, they had the singles and match won.

Chris Holden and Rick Marshall both hit 180s and high out shots were recorded by Chris Holden, with a 158 to go top of the division one leaderboard, and Stewart Thorogood with a 100.