Mark Sansom won’t be throwing his hat in the ring to be Braintree Town’s new manager.

The club’s former Reserve team boss and current Academy manager has ruled himself out of the running to succeed Alan Devonshire in charge of the Iron, despite taking charge of the first-team in a caretaker capacity for their final two games of the season.

Sansom is also a member of the club’s board in a sales and marketing role as well as having his Academy duties and even though he was honoured to be asked to be caretaker, he said he didn’t wish to jeopardise those positions by becoming manager on a permanent basis.

He said: “It’s a hell of a story for me and really has been from the Rec to the Racecourse.

“I’ve gone from coaching kids on the local Rec to managing Braintree Town as caretaker in the Conference at Wrexham and that’s amazing but I won’t be applying for the job as I’ve got too much to lose here.

“Don’t get me wrong, I love this club to the core.

“I started working here at 13 years of age, opening and closing the boardroom door when the directors went in and out and I love it.

“It has been a great honour to have been given the chance to lead the first team for these final two games, but I couldn’t risk losing the club if I got the job permanently and it went wrong.

“From my point of view, I will support the next man who comes in as much as I supported Devs.”