THE eye-watering price tag of a slightly bland looking beach hut is testament to the rising popularity of staycations, according to one property expert.

Rouse Estate Agents is currently advertising a small brown beach hut, located at The Wailings end of Frinton seafront, for a staggering £65,000.

The hefty evaluation comes in spite of the fact only one external photo of the coastal chalet is available, in addition to very little detail regarding what makes it so special.

Although eyebrows may be raised at the hut’s price tag, a spokesman for Rouse, in Connaught Avenue, Frinton, says someone has already booked in a viewing.

“The owner wanted it put up for sale for £65,000 so we did, and I do already have a viewing scheduled for this beach hut, so it is in demand,” he said.

“It has amazed us in recent years how much the prices for beach huts have gone up, but nothing surprises me in Frinton whatsoever.”

Braintree and Witham Times:

The shed on stilts boasts a slightly lacklustre and tired looking paint job and the internal condition of the hut remains somewhat of an enigma.

Its key selling point, however, is the fact is overlooks, the glistening north Sea in one direction and the picturesque Frinton Golf Club in the other.

These two factors have proved to seal the deal in the past, with several huts in a similar location selling for around the £50,000 mark.

When compared to other areas, however, this beach hut’s £65,000 asking price can seem either incredibly ambitious or relatively reasonable.

In Dovercourt, for example, a “lovely, fully equipped” hut can be picked up for just £10,000, or a polka dotted chalet in Walton will set you back just £14,500.

But the price of Frinton’s hut seems somewhat like pocket change when held up against those in Dorset, which have previously commanded hundreds of thousands.

Rouse’s property whiz believes beach hut demand and pricing is increasing due to the rising popularity of staycations, not least in wake of the coronavirus pandemic and lockdowns.

He said: “What we are finding is it is supply and demand because people are not going abroad and because of the pandemic people are now staying local.

“Beach huts have always been a good investment for people who have the money, especially because you can rent them out.

“Despite the weather and the pandemic people are still viewing them.”