EVERY pupil will be given a mini whiteboard and asked to wipe down their own desks at a grammar school when they return to class.

Staff at Westcliff High School for Girls have introduced dozens of measures and have funded whiteboard and pens for every student to avoid sharing equipment.

Year groups will be kept apart with corridors set to be deserted as movement between classes will be heavily restricted.

Headteacher Dr Paul Hayman also outlined changes to the library, which will see seating rearranged to reduce capacity, and hand sanitisers placed across the room.

Sanitisers will also be placed throughout the school corridors.

In a letter to parents, Dr Hayman said: “Gaps between lessons will be extended to allow for movement time around the site using some pre-defined routes.

“Pupils should bring the minimum necessary number of books/stationery items to school.

“At the end of each lesson, pupils will be provided with a wipe and they must wipe down surfaces used.

“There will be an enhanced cleaning regime in place.”

Southend’s schools have been preparing for the return of their pupils in the first week of September for months, with Jason Carey, headteacher at Southend High School for Girls, introducing staggered lunchtimes to ensure pupils are kept apart.

Mr Carey is also introducing different exit and entry points, a policy followed by Mike Skelley, head at Westcliff High School for Boys.

Mr Skelley is also placing hand sanitisers in the corridors.

Dr Hayman added: “I want to acknowledge the tremendous efforts of our pupils.

“They have coped incredibly well.

“I also want to acknowledge the tremendous efforts of our staff who have risen to the challenge and ensured our pupils are in the strongest possible position for a return to full time education.”