CALLOUS thieves left a couple unable to sleep at night after stealing £2,500 of valuables from their home.

Lindsey Moore was devastated to find thieves had ransacked the family garage on Fairfax Drive, Westcliff, but was baffled to notice the thugs took off with her husband Kris’ sweaty t-shirt.

Electronic items including a Playstation, a Wii console, an iPad mini, an Amazon Alexa and 18 games were all also stolen, along with a £730 red Specialized Allez Road Bike and its accessories. 

Kris, 47, who works on patient transport at the Princess Alexander Hospital, was shocked to find the thieves had even taken his East of England Ambulance Service work bag to help them carry valuables during the getaway.

Lindsey, 42, said: “My husband went to feed the dogs at the garage and found the doors open. My dad lives with us so he first thought maybe he had been down there, but something still didn’t feel right.

"He woke me up and we went to check together- that’s when we knew someone had broken in.

“They’d wedged something in to pry the door open and were very careful about leaving mostly everything tidy- except for the pile of Kris’ work uniform they had got out the bag and chucked on the floor.

"No doubt they used it to stash the electricals in. It’s such a total invasion of privacy, and I’m not sure what they got out of taking his sweaty t-shirt which he literally took off straight after his work out.

“His job is stressful enough and he works so hard. We’re truly devastated and haven’t even been sleeping at night because of it.

"We are so lucky it was only the garage and they didn’t get inside our home but the feeling of paranoia and anxiousness is horrible.” 

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The family were targeted between 12.30am and 6.30am Saturday morning.

Lindsey added: “It really does make you angry, his bike was something all the family helped pay for so it’s really sentimental to him. He’s only had it since last January.

“I’ve lived here 15 years and never had anything like it. We want to thank everyone for their support and ask anyone who saw anything to get in touch.”

Call 101 quoting crime reference 42/93676/20.