OUR high streets have been struggling for some time – there’s no question about it, but how much of a blow is the coronavirus outbreak on our shopping destinations.

Online shopping has no doubt changed our high streets and shopping habits and this will have only surged during the virus lockdown.

Our high streets are likely to look and feel much different as we get used to social distancing as we venture out much more.

It’s going to seem pretty odd and unusual, but shopping as we did before the outbreak, if we can even remember such a time, may not become part of normal life for quite a while, if ever at all.

Changes suggested by business leaders such as reducing rent rates and parking will help to draw firms and shoppers back into the town centres, but will councils and landlords agree with such measures?

The virus is still not beaten and the world will need to take a deep breath in the months and years to come over widespread predictions of a serious recession.

It’s a grim outlook.

Our once-thriving town centres were shadows of their former selves even before lockdown and now it is clear businesses will have to redouble the fight for survival.

Time will tell, but here’s hoping we can all look forward to a time where we enjoy busy high streets again.