WHETHER your tipple is an Espresso Martini, a refreshing Piña Colada or a Mojito... this drinks firm seems to have got you covered.

David Brealey’s business The Craft Drinks Company has seen huge demand for its cocktail delivery service in Leigh and Southend since the lockdown measures were implemented.

The 32-year-old mixologist who previously ran a pop-up mobile bar at different events, has created his own lockdown-style drink creations to deliver to people’s homes while bars remain closed.

Mr Brealey said: “It’s been a huge success, the feedback so far has been excellent.

“We do it every Saturday, and so far all orders have sold out within a matter of hours.

“We’re only a small business so we only have limited capacity, but I like the fact that it’s in demand and it makes it special for those who book up the drinks.”

Mr Brealey delivers the drinks contact-free to people’s doors along with his partner Elise Morris, plus his three drivers who ferry the drinks around.

As well as classic cocktail recipes Mr Brealey, who lives in Westcliff, has seen his own recipes grow in demand.

His most successful is a Quarantiki, made from pineapple rum, mango purée, pressed apple and ginger beer, served in wacky Tiki mugs.

He has also made “Front Room Fizz” from orange gin, rhubarb liqueur, earl grey syrup and soda.

Every second Saturday since lockdown they have partnered up with Stoked Southend, a vegan BBQ pop-up, who also are delivering food to people’s homes.

Mr Brealey added: “We’ve had people answering the doors getting all dressed up and smart to make it a big event to look forward to. We wanted to keep the proper cocktail glasses and not disposable cups to do it properly and give people the full bar experience. We drop the drinks to them on the night and then collect the glasses again the next day.

“People leave them out for us and have also been leaving little thank you notes saying how much they enjoyed them.

“It’s been really enlightening for us and we’re pleased so many people have enjoyed them.”

Mr Brealey is considering expanding operations to more days a week if he can get the capacity.

He added: “If all keeps going well we may be able to go up to two days a week.

“I’ve had customers asking if this is something we’ll do once everything has died down with the coronavirus, which is encouraging and has given us things to explore in the future.” Visit instagram.com/craftdrinks