SHOPPERS have slammed a supermarket for appearing to do nothing to combat drug taking in its car park.

After what appeared to be drug needles were found in Asda car park in Basildon’s Eastgate Shopping Centre, in December, a spokesman for the supermarket chain pledged they would be looking into the concerns around the car park, citing regular sweeps and high standards of cleanliness.

However, just a few months on, another shopper has raised concerns around blatant drug taking.

The woman, who did not want to be named, was horrified after walking through with her young child in a buggy.

She told the Echo: “I was absolutely disgusted with what I witnessed.

“While walking through the only entrance to Asda, through a dark alley to a lit car park where you should feel safe with plenty of cars, and plenty of people walking through, there was a group of men jumping about acting like animals while one of them was openly injecting himself.

“I’m not one to shame addicts; people get in dark places in their lives, but having to walk past that with my child in his pram knowing full well that the user isn’t going to be cleaning up after himself made me feel sick.

“I went and asked why the other entrances to Asda are shut, leaving people to walk through dark alleys and car parks that are clearly not safe, but it was as if it’s not important.

“An older lady openly admitted that she was uncomfortable with walking through there alone.”

Eastgate Basildon Asda was contacted for comment on the most recent issue but no response was received by the time the Echo went to print.