YOU can double your Tesco Clubcard points on every shop until March 1.

The well-known loyalty scheme lets customers accumulate points, which can then be turned into vouchers to spend in store or turned into vouchers for high-street restaurants and leisure activities.

And now Clubcard users can double the points they collect – but you’ll have to be quick as the offer only last until March 1.

How can I get double points?

Any shopper who uses the Clubcard app to scan their Clubcard at the till will get twice as many points.

You will only get double points by using the app.

The offer won’t work if you use a physical Clubcard or if shoppers scan their cards via Apple Pay or Android Pay.

You will have to go into the app and scan the card, instead of opening up your phone’s digital wallet.

Can I get the app on my phone?

The app is available on both iOS and Android.

If you're already a Clubcard holder, setting yourself up on the app is quick and easy.

Are there any products that are excluded from the offer?

Tobacco products, stamps, saving stamps, café items, lottery products, prescription medicines, infant formula, gift cards, travel money and e-top-ups are excluded from the offer.

But apart from that, you can get double-points on any other item – a perfect opportunity for a ‘big shop’.

Will I receive the points straight away?

It takes around a week for points to show up normally, so don’t expect to see them appear straight away.

What if I am a Clubcard Plus customer?

Clubcard Plus customers – who pay a monthly fee for 10% off two big shops a month – can still benefit from the offer.

However, Tesco has said they still need to scan both the app and their Big Shop coupon or they will miss out.

Warning over unspent points

Tesco recently reminded Clubcard customers to check their account and redeem any vouchers before they expire.

The supermarket said there is around £17 million worth of vouchers unspent – and they will run out on February 29.

Clubcard vouchers come with an expiry date of two years and if you don’t use them before this point you will lose them.