A BARBER shop owner and his staff will be growing their hair and beards for a whole year to raise money for a mental health charity.

Kieron Bailham, who owns K & Co. Traditional Barbers, in Leigh, was prompted to contribute something towards mental health after an elderly customer came in for his regular trim and revealed he had recently attempted to kill himself.

Mr Bailham said: “After he told me what had happened, it made me think ‘wow, you just don’t know what people are going though’.

“There’s such a minefield of things that people might be going through and we need to be more understanding of others.

“He is a lonely old bloke and there’s no support network for him and no one he feels he can turn to.”

Kieron and his fellow barbers, Tom and Brandon, last had a trim in November so are already feeling “a bit scruffy”.

To raise money for Mind, the trio of barbers will be donating 10 per cent from every client in their chair who has a haircut during their campaign, Let it Grow.

Kieron added: “We are a male-orientated business and day-to-day I listen to so many stories from guys that are struggling. Whether that be money or work, whatever if might be.

“We want to encourage people to air there problems and talk, as not enough men feel as if they can do that.

“There is a real increase in male suicide as they often don’t feel like they can talk to anyone about what they are dealing with.”

Kieron has also set up a JustGiving page and has kitted out the shop, in Rayleigh Road, with Mind decor and collection tins for people wanting to throw in some spare change.

They have also come up with a number of costly forfeits should they break the rules and tidy up their appearances before the year is up.

Kieron added: “The only thing that is allowed is to tidy up our moustache so we are not eating our facial hair with our dinner. “

The men face full body waxes should they break the code while if their beard gets to much and has to be completely taken off, £100 must be paid to Mind while a beard re-shape or touch up will cost them £20. Go to gofundme.com/f/1va0vpvf2o.