Police have issued a protection order for Lakeside after receiving reports of potential unauthorised car meets.

A Public Space Protection Order has been enforced on the Lakeside retail park, all car parks, the A13, B186, West Thurrock Way and the A282.

Officers will have the power to order people causing anti-social behaviour to leave the area.

Inspector Lee from the Grays Local policing Team said: “Local residence and businesses have been affected by previous meets.

“Where they have had sleepless nights and their children have been kept awake by noise or been left with a large amount of rubbish to clean up.

“We know that these events can sometimes give way to anti-social behaviour, dangerous driving and other situations that can put attendees and members of the public at risk.

“We want everyone to enjoy their evening and do so safety”.

A police spokesman said: "While we do not have any issue with genuine car enthusiasts, we do not tolerate anti-social behaviour, especially when it has a detrimental effect on the quality of life for local residents."

Anyone who witnesses anti-social driving should call 101