DNA almost certainly belonging to a murder suspect was found on the victim’s clothing, a court heard.

Forensic scientist Jessica Adby told a jury that a DNA profile of Alex Stephens was found on the black top that Courtney Valentine-Brown had been wearing on the night of his death.

The 36-year-old victim died after being stabbed in the femoral artery at a flat in Roots Hall Drive, Southend on February 21.

Stephens, along with three other people, deny his murder.

Speaking at Basildon Crown Court yesterday Ms Adby told the court that blood had been found on the sofa, walls, doorframe and a television in the flat.

She stated that blood had been spraying out from the direction of the sofa and had been leaking into the floor from where Mr Valentine-Brown had fallen after being stabbed.

The black top that Mr Valentine-Brown had been wearing had blood and traces of saliva on it. The blood was identified to be that of Mr Valentine-Brown, but the saliva produced a mixed sample of DNA profiles.

Ms Adby said: “The second sample was a mixed result from the DNA of four other individuals.

“When we compared the DNA results I formed the opinion that Alex Stephens was fully represented and he could be a potential contributor to the DNA.

“There were two possibilities; that the DNA profiles were of Courtney Valentine-Brown and three other unknown individuals, or that it was of Courtney Valentine-Brown, Alex Stephens and two unknown individuals.

“It was calculated that that the profile was one million times more likely to be Courtney Valentine-Brown, Alex Stephens and two other individuals rather than Courtney and three unknown individuals.”

The court was also told that following analysis of materials taken from the car used by Scott McLaughlin to allegedly transport the four to and from the scene, Mr Valentine-Brown’s DNA profile was also discovered on the seats, along with profiles of Stephens and another unknown woman.

The court previously heard that Mr McLaughlin had taken four people to and from the flat but had “no idea” what they were allegedly doing. Stephens, 36, of Hamlet Court Road, Westcliff, Kelly King, 30, of Howards Close, Westcliff, Ian Slater, 49, of Wayletts, Leigh, and Stuart Pearson, 43, of Satanita Road, Westcliff, all deny murder. The trial continues.