A BURGLAR was spotted after putting on the owner’s high visibility jacket during a raid.

A shocked homeowner revealed he easily spotted a man in his house carrying out a daytime home burglary because the crook had decided to put on clothing designed to make sure you are seen.

The incident took place on Saturday in Church Park Road, Pitsea.

The owner, posting about the experience on social media, said: “I have just had a midday burglary.

“I have been in the area since June and I grew up in a rough part of London, but never had anything like this.

“I came downstairs to see a tall, scruffy bloke wearing my work high vis jacket and he was carrying six bottles of wine that we had left by the stairs and bought from California.

“I ended up fighting the gent out the house.

“When I came back I realised he’d stolen two bottles in his pocket and my sledgehammer.

“I hunted him down around Pitsea to no avail.

“Now I need to invest in new locks and cameras.

“It just goes to show it can happen anytime to anyone.”

Neighbours spoke of their shock and sent their well wishes to the man.

Jessica Morrison, 33, said: “We live on this road and have done for about six years and have never had any issues like this.

“I think it must have been very scary.

“I think it’s very brave to be taking him on like that, I wouldn’t be doing that.”

Police have since made an arrest following the burglary.

A spokesman for Essex Police said: “A man has been arrested in connection to a burglary in Pitsea on Saturday, December 7.

“We were called with reports that a man had forced entry into an address on Church Park Road and stole alcohol and tools from the property.

“A 70-year-old man from Braintree arrested on suspicion of burglary has been release on bail until Friday, January 3.” Anyone who spotted a man acting suspiciously in the area at about midday on Saturday can call Essex Police on 101 with information.