A FLY-TIPPER who dumped a mound of tree waste just 75 yards from his home has been fined.

Stephen Cook, 50, fly-tipping the huge amount of tree waste on some grass next to a bus stop and a stone's throw away from his home in Victoria Road, Basildon.

Cook was summonsed to Basildon Magistrates' Court to answer for his crimes, but he initially failed to appear.

A warrant was issued for his arrest, and he was brought to the court on Monday.

Cook's fly-tipping was discovered on October 21 last year.

He has been fined £167 and ordered to pay costs of £150 and a victim surcharge of £30, totalling £347.

Chairman of Basildon Council’s Neighbourhoods and Public Spaces Committee David Harrison said: “Flytipping is an offence that we take seriously.

"We all have the right to a clean and tidy neighbourhood and it is a minority who let their neighbourhoods down.

“Most people do the right thing with their waste, and we are grateful of this.

“Those who continue to violate the law and flytip will be prosecuted.

"The council’s street scene and enforcement team ensures that those who create a hazardous environment are held accountable for their actions.”