THE mystery surrounding the appearance of a derelict boat which residents thought had been fly-tipped in the middle of a green off a Shoebury beach, has finally been solved.

The old vessel appeared under a tree on the green near Shoebury East Beach, leaving residents to wonder how and why?

The boat first appeared at the weekend and has since been taped off in an attempt to deter anyone from climbing on the unstable wreck.

It has since emerged it was in fact left to rot on Shoebury Common beach before being recovered and taken away for disposal.

Carole Mulroney, councillor responsible for environment and planning, explained: “A boat was left submerged near Shoebury Common for about a month. Since then, the council has made numerous attempts to track down the owner, however we have yet to hear anything back.

“The boat was removed by the Shoebury Watermans Association using a lifting rig, and was deposited on East Beach car park. We have contacted a contractor to proceed with removing the boat, which we hope to be cleared by the end of the week.”

Anne Chalk, Independent councillor for Shoeburyness ward added: “I think its terrible. It looks really bad.

“It’s very difficult for the council to have to deal with this sort of thing. They shouldn’t have to be involved in these things.

“It’s also potentially dangerous if children were to climb on it.”

Maureen Sanders, 55, from Shoebury, said: “I walk my dogs on East Beach each day and was surprised to sea a boat on the green. I know it’s a beach but you just don’t get boats on that part.

“It looks pretty dilapidated and I hope they get rid of it before kids start playing on it. It doesn’t look that stable.”

The Shoeburyness Waterman’s Association members help each other to lay up boats in the winter, working together as a team.

The group promotes safety at sea and watches out for fellow member who may get into trouble while afloat.