FAMILIES living on a Southend estate say their lives are being made a misery by class A drugs being taken openly in stairwells.

Residents on the Woodgrange Estate say despite repeated complaints about unsafe security doors in Carousel Steps, drug users frequently gain entry to sit on steps smoking crack cocaine and heroin.

Braintree and Witham Times:

Petition - Steve Campion

Braintree and Witham Times:

Resident Steve Campion has been calling for better security doors since 2015 when he launched a petition. Mr Campion, 58, who last year filmed two incidents of people using class A drugs in stairwells, said: “Nothing has changed since then. I’ve seen children pass down the stairs that a junkie was on doing crack openly.

“My main concern is junkies doing crack on stairs in my home the door entry must be put right but they do nothing.”

The block is run by Estuary Housing Association, which has employed security guards to patrol the blocks between 5pm and 5am. However Mr Campion said the problems continue despite the guards. He said: “Security doors have not been put right and the patrols are not stopping the problem. Estuary needs to put the doors right. I think health safety should be involved. It’s unacceptable junkies are doing crack heroin by my home.

“I and other residents have had enough now.”

A spokeswoman for Estuary Housing said a survey of residents had found they wanted the security guards. She added: “In the past we have spent a great deal of money on the installation of new security doors to the majority of blocks on the Woodgrange Drive Estate, but unfortunately these kept being vandalised and were costly to repair.

“We have had no reports of drug misuse in any of the communal areas in recent months. When we are alerted to any issues we would report this to the guard service who ensure that they carry out more regular checks on the area and we work with the police and other partners to resolve any issues.”