A TEENAGE boy on a bike was stabbed in the face while being attacked by four knife-wielding thugs in Vange.

The youngster was in Clay Hill Road when the gang jumped from a car, wearing balaclavas, and attacked him with a knife.

The teenager, believed to be 17, suffered a slash to his chin, as well as a number of slash wounds to his arms and hands as he attempted to protect himself.

The boy’s mum took to Facebook, with a series of photos showing the severity of his injuries.

The incident is believed to have taken place at roughly 10pm last Wednesday, near to the former The Powerhouse pub on Clay Hill Road.

The boy’s mum said the thugs were “attempting to steal his clothes” rather than possessions, before passer-by’s intervened and the group got back into their car and fled.

She also added it was a “random” attack, with her son unable to offer a description of the men, only stating they were driving a red car.

The mum’s post, which has more than 150 comments and almost 250 shares, said: “I’m currently sitting up Basildon Hospital with my son.

“He went out on his bike to meet his friend when four scumbags jumped out of a car wearing balaclavas and attacked him with a knife.

“He tried to defend himself by putting his hands up to save his face from being slashed.

“He has got bad cuts to the hands and arm from the knife, also stabbing his face, they also hurt his leg real bad, just hoping he’s not broke it.

“I have never felt so scared in all my life, receiving a call from his friend saying that he had been attacked.

“It made me feel physically sick, every mother’s worse nightmare. What is this world coming to that you can’t even go out for a bike ride without being attacked.

“A passer-by scared them off which I’m so grateful for because this could have ended badly.

“So to anyone that reads this please please don’t go out alone day or night, our world is far too dangerous and full of low-life scumbags.”

This is the latest in a number of worrying knifepoint incidents in Basildon. On the same day, at 5.40pm, a man was mugged at knifepoint near to the Jolly Friar Pub on Whitmore Way.

He was threatened and had items stolen. Essex Police was unable to provide any extra information on the Vange crime.