A WOMAN has launched a £15,000 fundraising page to help her and others to beat cancer.

Landscape gardener Lisa Bowden, from Shoebury, wants to explore natural remedies to boost her fight against the disease and is asking for the public to help.

At the same time she wants to help charities which are supporting other women as well.

Lisa was diagnosed with stage three breast cancer in September and has since endure eight gruelling rounds of chemotherapy and a mastectomy.

The treatment she endured resulted in the loss of her landscape gardening business after 20 years and the end of her relationship.

She now faces rounds of radiotherapy and and life-long medication.

She said: “I’ve gone through chemo and a major disfiguring operation. It has destroyed my body, mind and my whole life. I’ve lost my business of 20 years.

“I was a landscape gardener. I was at peak physical fitness. Having that diagnosis strips you of everything you know as normal life.

“My relationship has crumbled under the strain of constant rounds of doctors’ appointments, a mastectomy, three lymph nodes removed and a tummy tuck.

“This was carried out to rebuild my breast.

“Every cloud has a silver lining as I now have a flat stomach.”

Ms Bowden added: “It’s been a very lonely and isolating diagnosis as it can push people away. They don’t know how to react, so some ignore you or it’s not even discussed.

“I’m a very positive person and this has knocked me for six I want to rise again and gain my full health and life back. I want to do this the natural way.

“This involves taking a lot of supplements which I haven’t even heard of before.

“Organic food, B12 inections and intravenous high doses of vitamin C, ozone therapy and infrared saunas to name but a few.”

Ms Bowden is also raising money for the charity Perennials which helps people in the horticultural industry when they are ill and helps them back on their feet.

She added: “I was also given support bras in Chelmsford Hospital when I had my mastectomy so would also like to donate to this cause also, especially when ladies don’t have the income to buy them.

“I don’t want anyone to feel pressured into giving. My goal seems high and is totally out of reach for me on my own.”

The Perennial charity was set up 180 years ago to help everyone who works in horticulture, and their families, when times get tough.

It provides free and confidential advice, support and financial assistance to people of all ages working in, or retired from horticulture.

Ms Bowden’s Gofundme appeal has so far raised £1,736.

Visit gofundme.com/my-life-now-needs-your-help to provide support.