Next year is the year Danielle Jones’s killer uncle Stuart Campbell could be released from prison.

Yet, still, all these years on, Danielle’s family have not been able to lay her to rest or say goodbye properly. They still haven’t been able to get the closure they need and deserve.

And the reason why?

Well, Campbell will not reveal where her body is. He will not say. He has held that information from her family for almost 18 years now.

And he could soon be a free man again.

This can’t be right.

But now there’s hope he may not be coming out. And without a chance to until he gives up the secret of where she is.

Last week, Justice Secretary David Gauke said his team are ready with legislation which would give the parole board more powers to refuse release applications from “no body” killers. The law, to be known as Helen’s Law after Helen McCourt, 22, who was killed in 1988 but whose body was never found, could be in place in a matter of months. That’s in time to halt Campbell’s release.

Mum Linda, and the rest of the family, are delighted.

It’s a new law that makes sense, and is very well supported.

And, even if Campbell does now reveal where Danielle’s body is, there is a very strong argument he should never get his freedom back for the amount of suffering he has, and continues to, put her family through.