Reports have surfaced suggesting squatters have taken over Southend's Kursaal building.

A video was shared across social media late last night which shows a man well know for occupying empty buildings in Southend giving a speech outside the now vacant building.

In the video he said: "This here is an iconic building - the most iconic building in Southend.

"Now in two months, the building has been empty twice. This time, I am taking this building because this deserves to be Southend's museum. Not a £60 million project further down the line.

"This building here, with a couple of million thrown in, this is the museum.

"So the reason why I am taking this building here is because the council own the freehold to this building. They can turn it into a museum.

"Southend museum at the Kursaal."

It has not been confirmed whether the squatters actually suceeded in breaking in and taking over the building.

Concerns were raised earlier this week after seafront visitors said the site had closed again for a second time in recent months.

A council spokesperson, said: “Without knowing the specific circumstances of the individual squatters we cannot know whether they are homeless or not and it would be wrong to make assumptions. 

“The Council’s Housing, Homeless and Rough Sleeper strategy looks at a number of key issues such as developing new homes, reducing empty homes, preventing and eradicating homelessness and taking a proactive approach to meeting central government housing targets.

“We will work closely with other agencies and charities to assist those without a home, to find suitable accommodation.”