JUSTGIVING pages have fast become a part of everyday life.

They are launched all the time to help those in need.

When they first started to appear some years ago there were those who didn’t have particularly nice things to say about them.

And I’m sure there’s people out there who still disagree with them.

But the fact is they are often launched for people who need the money most.

Today we feature the inspiring story of mum-of-three Beccy Lewis who is bravely battling aggressive brain cancer.

She needs cash for alternative treatments so she can spend as much time as possible with her three boys, the youngest of whom is just two.

Beccy didn’t want to set-up a fundraising page, as it states on her Facebook page she didn’t want to ask herself.

Well, her friends and family didn’t mind and good on them for setting it up.

It’s a sign of the times that once big fundraising TV events like Comic Relief and Children In Need struggle to raise the millions they once did.

Fact is, it seems these more community focused, life-changing fundraisers are where people are now happy to put their money.

And if this latest one buys Beccy more time with her family, and even hopefully saves her life, then it’s worth its weight in pure gold, and something the community has pulled together and made happen. How can that be a bad thing?