THE haunting nature of mum Julie Hunt’s murder is bound to shock most readers.

It didn’t happen in the dead of the night. It didn’t happen in a secluded spot. It wasn’t pre-planned.

In fact mum Julie, 47, had just got off the bus and was on her way to work at Lakeside shopping centre.

She got off in Arterial Way on a day like any other last April at just before 8.30am.

Murderer Florin Ion had only been in Thurrock for 15 minutes.

He had got off a bus too, which had brought him down from Birmingham.

He was heading back to his native Romania.

It’s not clear why he had got off in the area.

He then randomly embarked on a sustained attack of Julie Hunt and left her dead, before trying to steal a car and escape.

Fortunately, brave members of the public were on hand to keep hold of him until police arrived.

It’s right he was served British justice for his horrendous crime.

But surely when his sentence is served he should be deported back to Romania? Why allow him to stay here?

And there’s also a strong argument that he should be deported now and serve his time in an Eastern European cell, relieving our taxpayers of the cost of keeping him confined for the best part of the next two decades.