IT seems Snow White and her poison apple eating saved a young mum’s life...

That’s not something you get to write every week! But that’s what happened.

This week’s stand-out feelgood story involved the Semple family. Mum Charley-Anne suddenly collapsed unconscious at home while looking after son Tyler, five, and daughter Annabella, three.

Tyler, with his little sister’s help, managed to unlock mum’s phone and get onto the emergency services. Tyler has autism and Charley-Anne told how he sometimes struggles with holding conversations.

However, when it mattered most little star Tyler did just that, and more. In fact he saved his mum’s life.

His mum tells how he took her phone, tapped in the pin code, and through a ten-minute conversation with emergency service call handlers managed to get paramedics to the family home.

What did he say?

Well, he told them his mum was dead after eating a poisoned apple from an ugly old witch...

Yet Charley-Anne says they hadn’t actually watched Snow White for ages, and she haven’t even been eating an apple!

Thankfully the story stuck with Tyler and worked a treat as paramedics were soon with stricken Charley-Anne.

Both Tyler and Annabella have received awards for their efforts and this week they will meet the call handlers and ambulance crew who helped save mum.

Tyler will also receive a second award. There are surely few young men more deserving.