VANDALS have been branded as "disgusting" after anti-Semitic graffiti was spotted on a railway bridge on Friday.

The offensive graffiti, which included a swastika symbol and the words "no Jews", was spotted on the railway bridge at the back of the Broadland estate in Hockley.

After images of the racist vandalism was shared on social media, dozens of people from the community condemned it as offensive and disgusting.

Wendy Davies said: "Having been to Auschwitz, I can't abide this sort of thing. Anyone who has been on here or understands what went on surely couldn't do this. Purely ignorance."

Hockley resident Laura Milne, 35, said: "The person or people responsible for this vile act should be held responsible.

"I think they are ignorant and don't understand what the swastika or their vile words represent. They are uneducated idiots."

Hockley parish councillor Steve Chelmsford slammed the defacement as "ignorant on all fronts", adding: "Even the swastika is wrong."

One man, who is Jewish and whose ancestors died in the Holocaust, felt so angered by the remarks, he felt compelled to take matters into this own hands and cover the graffiti up with paint.


Isaac Fuente, 21, from Hockley, said: "I saw the two photographs on social media and at first it just angered me. Then I was made aware that it had been there for a while and no one had said or done anything about it.

"I didn't want people to be offended and I didn't want whoever did it to think it's acceptable because it hadn't been removed.

"I quickly ran to a nearby shop and bought paint and a brush and covered all the graffiti up - not just the racist stuff."

Isaac, who owns Motor Leasing, a company specialising in car, van and pick-up leases, spent £15 and two hours of his own time covering up the yellow markings.

Some residents suggested it had been there since at least January 1 but the said they had been told the council could not do anything because the bridge was owned by Network Rail.

"Graffiti is bas but if it wasn't for the Nazi sign or the Jewish remark, it wouldn't have bothered me as much.

"Whoever did it knew what they were doing and must have known about the Holocaust and everything that comes with that.

"I have family on my grandma's side who were in Auschwitz - it's just disgusting to see this kind of thing in your own town.

"I had to take time out of my day and work later than normal because that had to be removed immediately.

"It's just awful and I want to make it clear to whoever did it that it's disgusting."

Network Rail have been contacted for comment.