A TENNIS expert who worked under the mum of tennis star Andy Murray says his whole family will be "devastated" as the Scot appeared to predict an early retirement.

A tearful Murray spoke to the media last night and admitted painful difficulties in playing with a recurring hip problem but said he hopes to make Wimbledon in the summer, though he could not confirm that would be the case.

Jon Lee, Rackets manager at David Lloyd Southend, said: "It’s terribly sad. His mum was a mentor of mine for three years and she will be devastated.

"For the British public and tennis fans it’s very sad to see and it’s massively upsetting for him and his family."

He added: "Nobody has had an influence on British tennis like him and you could see how upset he was in his interview when he couldn’t even look up.

"But his legacy will continue and I’m sure he will continue to stay involved in the sport. He strives for equality and I’m sure he will keep doing that too."