I noticed that following many objections to a new Aldi store on Priory Crescent, the officer has made his decision to recommend approval without raising the concerns offered by residents, mainly regarding the effect on “traffic flow” at this already loaded hot spot.

At present, when the pelican pedestrian crossing is used, it can create a time-controlled break in the flow of traffic, causing a backlog of traffic all the way back to the Bell. This pedestrian crossing will soon be used even more when the developers complete the public footpath from the new housing estate onto Priory Crescent. This was promised to allow simple access to Priory Park. If Aldi receive approval, this will increase footfall even more.

We all know that this single carriageway needs a dual carriageway but with a single lane in both directions and around 200 car parking spaces in the new Aldi store being proposed, surely this is going to add to the number of transfers either in or out of this site.

We understand that it will be a left-hand turn only when leaving the site, as it is in its present location, but unlike the top of the hill, where natural gaps allow such actions, this location is constantly totally gridlocked with traffic.

Even if there is space to provide a right turn for traffic travelling down Priory Crescent, this will also gridlock if more than two cars want to enter this site. If vehicles travelling into Southend give way, this slight delay will create further backlogs in the traffic flow, as happens with the pedestrian crossing now.

If we carry on adding developments without constructing a bypass road for Shoebury residents, you will soon be unable to visit Shoebury or even worse – get out of Shoebury.

Peter Lovett
Leitrim Avenue, Thorpe Bay