LIFE does have a habit of throwing up the unexpected.

This week’s amazing, and totally unpredictable, tale concerning Janie Furner encapsulates just that.

It was worrying times for Janie, her husband and their daughter.

Janie feared she may have cancer.

So she underwent a series of tests and scans.

Janie is 45 years old. She has one daughter, 20, and had been told in the aftermath of her birth, all those years ago, it was unlikely she would ever conceive again as she had suffered from Polycystic Ovary Syndrome all her life.

Fast forward two decades and the family, from Grays, were anxiously awaiting these test results.

They came back - and thankfully it’s not cancer.

Instead the scan revealed Janie was more than four months pregnant! Her husband had even joked with a nurse beforehand saying he thought she was going to wind him up and pretend his wife was pregnant. Well, she was!

No-one in the Furner family saw this bombshell landing.

Thankfully, baby Oliver has since been born at a fit and healthy 5lb 7oz. Such is the wonder of life hey.

Here at the Gazette we wish the Furner family plenty of nappy changing happiness in 2019 – and the rest of our readers all the best for the year ahead.