I can’t help but remark on the courageous actions of Louis Nicholson.

Confronted, at 4pm, (yes 4 in the afternoon for goodness sake) by a bunch of nasty little so-and-sos and told to give up his phone.

Seems like this horrible little lot - eight of them in total - picked on the wrong guy.

Louis is a mixed martial arts coach. And, in self defence, he took out a few of the gang as he wasn’t prepared to easily give up a possession he had worked hard for.

Yes, I understand the arguments against such a response. What’s the point in risking your life over a mobile phone and your wallet? And as Louis says himself although he wasn’t prepared to give up his stuff without a “tear up”, he acknowledged afterwards it was probably a rather stupid move.

The fact is some of the gang who took him on were armed. How cowardly when they realised eight, yes eight, of them may not be enough to overcome Louis they pulled a knife on him. And to stab him in the armpit, just inches from vital organs, it was lucky he wasn’t killed.

Of course, no-one ever wants to be in such a horrendous predicament as Louis was. But the sad fact of modern life is terrible incidents like this, not just late at night but in the middle of the afternoon, seem to be ever increasing.

In light of this Louis made a very valid to parents, urging them to get their children trained in some sort of self-defence. As he rightly says, it could be the difference between life and death.