A BRAVE model was praised for exposing her breasts live on air for The Lorraine Show, showing how to check for lumps.

Michelle Court, 34, of Rayleigh, accepted the modelling opportunity and was intrigued at the thought of potentially helping to save lives,.

However, she feels she wasn’t made aware of how full on the job would be.

She said: “I didn’t actually realise I would be there in the main studio, I thought I would just been in a room or something – I wasn’t really told the finer details until I got there.

“The whole thing was quite daunting at first and staff at Lorraine were popping their heads around the corner to have a good look!

“It felt really liberating afterwards though and I’m glad I did it. If it saves one life then it’s worth doing.

“Sure I’ve seen the odd negative comment about ‘how dare there be boobs on live TV at this time of the morning’, but I’ve mostly had loads of positive feedback since appearing on the show and Lorraine was really lovely.”

Michelle lost her father to cancer as a teen and coincidentally attended the modelling job for Lorraine on what would have been his birthday.

She added: “October 4, when I went on the show, would have been my father’s birthday, who we sadly lost to the Big C when I was only 15 years old.

“It made it even more so of a poignant day for me, whilst being brave and standing up for cancer awareness on live TV.”

The segment on Lorraine Kelly’s morning show on ITV, was part of its #KnowYourBreast Campaign’ with Dr Hilary Jones.

Viewers expressed their gratitude to the programme for physically showing how to do a breast examination, siting that many women still do not know how to.

For more information on breast cancer care, visit breastcancercare.org.uk.

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