COMPLETION of Canvey’s infamous road to nowhere could now be in a crucial funding bid was rejected.

Efforts to get cash from the Government’s Department for Transport for funding to complete the third and final stage of Roscommon Way has failed.

It comes as a bitter blow at what is a exciting time for the area, with both the Roscommon Way retail park and business park quickly progressing, and set to provide a major boost for employment on the island.

As it stands, Roscommon Way links Canvey Road to the two new parks, but goes no further – despite being intended to then link in with Western Esplanade.

Castle Point Council had applied to the “Large Local Majors Scheme Fund” which has already handed out more than £400 million to projects since 2016.

The Department for Transport required further feasibility work to be undertaken – which the county council has now agreed to fund at a cost of £1.2 million this financial year.

However, the latest rejection was revealed to the council this week.

Councillor Ray Howard is staying positive.

He said: “It is not the first funding scheme we have been rejected from and we are not too down about it.

“Everyone is committed, more committed than ever, to making this happen.

“There is a lot going on at Roscommon Way, and it has a very exciting future with the business and retail parks.

“We have had very positive conversations with Essex County Council, who are officially on board for the first time, with the Port of London Authority, and I regularly discuss the issue with MP Rebecca Harris.

“We will be applying for more funding and we all know that the completion of the third phase is vitally important.”

A completed Roscommon Way, linking Canvey Road and Western Esplanade, would ease the island’s congestion, diverting traffic away from the town centre.

Larry Fenttiman, of the Inner London Group, admitted it’s a shame but does not expect it to have any affect on the business park – which is hoping to near completion early next year and provide 600 jobs in the area.

He said: “It is disappointing, but I am sure it will be completed. In all honesty, I do not think it will have too much of an affect on us.

“Most of the drivers coming to the business park will be coming on the island and then going off, so that part of the road is there. I don’t imagine the business park needing the link to the seafront and town centre, although the retail park may.

“It is all going really well for us, we are ahead of schedule and everything looks good.”

Councillor Kevin Bentley, deputy leader and cabinet member for infrastructure, said: “We recognise the regenerative and congestion benefits that a third phase of Roscommon Way could bring to Canvey Island which is why we are supportive of the scheme.

“We are currently investigating potential alignments for the third phase which we would hope, should funding be found, bring the final stage a step nearer to being a reality.

“We will of course continue to work closely with Castle Point Council and the local MP on this and other highways projects in the area.”