GABLE Hall school in Corringham has come under the microscope this week.

Ofsted inspectors have been in and concluded that standards at the school must improve.

The school, which has enjoyed a "good" rating, has dropped to "requires improvement".

This has inevitably caused concern among everyone involved with Gable Hall.

The full report is due out tomorrow and it will be interesting to see what specifics have been picked up on by the Government's education watchdog.

To their credit, school bosses have already come out and vowed to taken significant steps to improve the situation - and fast.

They have talked about "rapid improvement" and clearly have the energy to turn things around.

However, as with most things in life, the devil will be in the detail.

When the areas of main concern become public, it will then be down to the school's senior staff to present a tangible and achievable plan to bring back success.

Parents will want to know exactly what's being planned - and the timescale on when things are expected to get better.

I've worked closely with the school over the years and it's not hard to pick up on the genuine passion and enthusiasm for education shown by the Academy Trust's chief executive officer Dr Sophina Asong.

In the aftermath of this report it will be down to her and her senior staff to instil confidence with a feasible turnaround plan.