INTRUDERS broke into the Grand Hotel in Leigh last night, and were seen jumping around on the roof.

One of the raiders broke out of a balcony door and slid down a scaffold pole and then disappeared back inside.

Four police teams blocked off Leighton Avenue, off Broadway, Leigh, and searched the building inside at 9.15pm. Other officers stood guard outside.

Police were particularly interested in a souped-up BMW, parked in Leighton Avenue, which had shotgun cartridges wedged into each of its wheel nuts.

An officer at the scene said "morons" had broken in and police were searching for them.

It's not clear what damage was caused inside, or if anyone was arrested.

An onlooker at the Mariners Court pub opposite said: "One of them was on the roof jumping about, I thought he had fallen off the side, but it seems he disappeared over the back somewhere.

"Another came bursting through the balcony door at the front and slid down a scaffold pole.

"There was a hell of a commotion, the police were all over the place."

Anyone with information should call 101.