I was a raw trainee reporter on this paper when Danielle Jones disappeared.

I still remember the police conference, with mum Linda, the local searches for Danielle, the outpouring of grief within the East Tilbury community and beyond.

So many people wanted to help.

It’s almost unbelievable that 17 years on her family haven’t been able to lay her to rest.

Danielle’s family have always acted with such strength and dignity in unimaginable circumstances.

The daily strain on this family is clearly too much at times.

No-one should be put through what they have gone through.

And the fact that her uncle, Stuart Campbell, is sitting in a prison contemplating his chances of freedom is wrong.

The additional pain he has caused by not saying where she is is unforgivable.

For me the “no body, no parole” law is a no brainer.

Prison Minister Rory Stewart MP is backing it and Stephen Metcalfe, MP for South Basildon and East Thurrock, spoke in the House of Commons about his constituent Linda Jones’s years of anguish.

It’s utterly loathsome to think Campbell can not bring himself to reveal a simple truth that would bring a level of peace to a family he ripped apart.

The fact he won’t give up the information about where Danielle’s body is, should destroy any hope he has of freedom. It’s that simple for me.