IT’S good to read about people power winning the day.

Too many people too often succumb to what they wrongly see as an inevitable outcome. So, it’s encouraging when a group gets together, fights for a cause – and ultimately wins.

The latest example of what combined force can do was recently evident in Little Thurrock.

Plans for a new housing estate there were not going away.

Despite being initially thrown out by the planning inspectorate there was a week-long appeal by the developer to get permission to build 280 homes on Little Thurrock Marshes.

Many residents have rallied against this, many from the moment the plan first emerged more than two years ago.

There were serious concerns about infrastructure, and particularly loss of green belt.

The plan was panned.

Tony Coughlin, who spearheaded the campaign as the chairman of Thurrock Park residents committee, was buoyant when he spoke with us.

He heralded a robust, consistent, and clear campaign, a triumph for the people of Thurrock Park and Little Thurrock.

Yes houses need to be built in the borough, but not all at the expense of the precious green belt.

The group’s successful campaign is testament to those who don’t just give in to the “oh what’s the point it’ll happen anyway” brigade – and instead come together and battle it out.