£22million worth of class A drugs? Wow, that’s some haul.

Since DP World’s superport was created in Corringham it has gone from strength to strength.

But with the sheer scale of the place, and its huge international operation, it’s little surprise that its facilities can be targeted by ruthless drug barons from around the world.

The latest seizure is pretty remarkable.

No less than 250kg of cocaine and 9kg of crystal meth were found.

The mammoth stash had come to Thurrock all the way from Mexico.

And if it had got through would have no doubt flooded the streets of Essex and London.

It was thanks to a combined effort from the National Crime Agency and Met police and, of course, port bosses that this assignment didn’t get to the dealers on the street.

Together their actions have helped save lives and stuck a pin in a trade which is ruining lives, and fuelling violence across Essex and beyond.

*On another note it was good to be at the Thurrock Business Awards last Friday to join in the celebration of the great work going on in the borough. There is no shortage of innovative and entrepreneurial talent here. There were 12 very worthy winners, but all those businesses which made the final can be incredibly proud of themselves too.

The borough can sometimes be criticised from the outside, by those who don’t know any better and think the only successful business here is Lakeside.

Yes Lakeside is a success, but it’s not alone. There’s a whole host of other thriving local businesses too and Friday night showcased them.